Insurance Replacements

Whether you’ve lost a favorite earring, discovered a gem missing from an heirloom piece or dropped a timepiece that now does not work properly, Treiber & Straub can help. We are frequently called upon by representatives in the insurance industry in order to assist in the replacement of lost jewelry.  We have been recognized as experts in the area of replacement and valuation of lost or damaged jewelry items, so please do not hesitate to contact our staff if you are looking for a specific item to replace or evaluate. Our insurance specialists will help you explore replacement options and guide you through the insurance claim process.


Treiber & Straub, Milwaukee area’s source for the most extensive collection of fine Swiss timepieces, also has one of the finest watch repair service teams in the country.


Treiber & Straub is a proud member of The American Gem Society which is the country’s preeminent jewelry trade organization dedicated to consumer protection. Member jewelers are held to the highest of standards, require annual recertification and provide hands-on training.

Featured items represent only a small selection of the Treiber & Straub Collection. Please call or stop by to inquire of more availability.